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The Cultural Association of Beira Interior seeks priority, the cultural development of the entire region in the interior of Portugal.

Based on solid principles, proven over the years, the ACBI has an important role both culturally and socially and in many different age groups.

Headquartered in the interior of Portugal, maintains however, partnerships across the country as well as in various countries, especially in Europe.

Most of its projects focuses on the musical area, but the other arts are present regularly.

The ACBI is more valuable cultural throughout the region, establishing partnerships with local Chambers that are important and efficient in the area of culture.

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The Mixed Choir of Beira Interior (ex-Mixed Choir of Covilhã) started its activities in 1989 under the Direction of Professor Luis Cipriano, also integrated into local Conservatory, performing its first concert on February 4, 1990, the Church of St . Maria, in the city of Covilhã.
Since then it has presented concerts with different repertoires, targeting the different centuries of history of Music Choir.
They in its repertoire works as the Masses Brevis in Fá M, Dó M, M Sol, Ré me Requiem by Mozart, Mass th St Cecilia of C. Gounod, "The Messiah" by Haendel, of Buxtheúde Cantatas, "Oratória of Christmas," "Ode to Covilhã" and "Requiem" for Chorus and Symphony Orchestra, Luis Cipriano. Two programs to the "chapel" so Spiritual Black, Portuguese Popular Music and works of the Renaissance to the XX century ..
In 1995, reached for the first time, the end of the Competition for Youth Musical Portuguese.
In September 1996, became independent in the the Conservatory of Covilhã, thus marking its new structure and assuming the role of the Cultural Association of Beira Interior.

In Portugal conducted concerts throughout the country, and in the cities of Covilhã, C. Branco, Lisboa (Cathedral, Jerónimos Monastery, Minister of Agriculture, Gulbenkian Museum (5), National Stadium, Expo 98), Covilhã, Guard Pinhel C. Branco, Porto, Palmela, Guimaraes, Faro, Tomar, Évora, Viseu, Braga, Coimbra, Madeira Island, etc..

In July 1998 participated in the International Music Week in Luxembourg, where under the Direction of maestro Richard Hortien, interpreted the Solemn Mass of St. Cecília of C. Gounod, with an orchestra made up of young people from across Europe.
Open Bethlehem Christmas Oratório 2000, in the city of Bethlehem in Palestine, to mark 2,000 years of the birth of Christ, and participated in the same city at the Concert of Christmas on December 24, 1999. Performed the opening concert of the Nazareth 2000 in Israel.
On December 31, 1999, the chain of American television ABC, chose a Concert of the Mixed Choir of Covilhã for a program "The Best births of the World."
On April 26, 2000 premiered the "2nd Symphony" Pedro Alvares Cabral "of Luis Cipriano in the Village of Belmonte integrated in the commemorations marking the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil.
In 2001 in Venezuela, was distinguished by the Board of Montalvan and the University of Carabobo with the Diploma of Cultural Merit.
In May 2002 won the Silver Medal in the 4th Competition Robert Schumann, Germany.
In October 2002, participated in the Olympics in South Korea, having won in the Final, two Bronze Medals, in the Categories of Sacred Music in Contemporary Music.

In June 2003, presented on national debut, the Mass in G Major (for the coronation of Luis XVIII), Luigi Cherubini.
In April 2007, in the 11th Competition of Budapest, won a Gold Medal in the category of Mixed choirs and two Silver in classes of Women Choir and Youth Choir.

Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior
He began his studies musical, by the hand of Professor Carlos Gama. Completed the course of composition, with the teacher Cristopher Bochman in 1988, and held internship teaching in School Eugenio de Castro in Coimbra in the years 1985 e1986.
While in the city of C. Branco, directed the Board of Percussion Group of the Women's Choir and Schola Cantorum Camerata of C. Branco.

In the year 1998, has earned a Honorable Mention, the Competition "New Values of Culture." In the same year won the 1st Prize in Music City, at 2nd Competition for Youth Musical Portuguese in 1990, the 3th prize, in that contest and within the same class.

It participate as eardrum percussionist and the Orchestra of Private Schools of Music from 1988 to 1992. He received the 1st premium Composition Competition in the "Historical Society of Independence from Portugal in 1991. It was percussionist, the Orchestra of the "International Week of Luxembourg", in the years of 1990 and 1991. In the years from 1992 to 2002, was invited composer having led the Orchestra in the presentation of their works. He composed 12 Masses for Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Trios, Quartetos, Sextetos and Octectos for various types of training House, two Oratória of Christmas, an Ode to Covilhã, two Sinfonias, a Requiem, as well as numerous choirs and orchestral works. He composed pieces for film and theatre.

In February 1997 he was awarded the "Gold Medal Special" by Adolphe Union Grand-Duc of Luxembourg in recognition of their cultural merits. In April 1998 was received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, who delivered their liturgical works. In 1999 he received the Award of Culture, the Official "Gazeta of the Interior."
In January 1999 was the Composer chosen by the Palestinians to compose Oratória the debut of Christmas in Bethlehem to mark 2,000 years of the birth of Christ.
It Adviser of the Olympics that took place in 2004 Corals in Bremen in Germany and in 2006 in Xiamen in China, was recently invited to the same job in Graz in Austria in 2008.

He presented the TV program "Zéthoven" on RTP 1, produced by Teresa Guilherme

He is a professor of the School of the framework of the Sierra Gardunha. Today is Classical Orchestra Conductor Holder of the Beira Interior, Conductor of the Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior, since its foundation and Conductor of the Youth Choir of Beira Interior. It is Musical Director of the Academy of Music of Pinhel. Recently was chosen by publisher Simon & Lazry, Germany, to appear in a book where are presented 600 people around the world related to choral music and he is the only Portuguese to present his work in the book. He performed concerts in Portugal, Luxembourg, Palestine. Israel, Rep. Czech, South Korea, Germany, Venezuela, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Vatican, Italy, Puerto Rico, France, Denmark, Sweden and Spain. He won two medals in choir competitions, Bronze in 2002 in South Korea, a Silver Medal in Germany in 2002 and in 2007 two of the Gold Coast and one in Budapest and the other one in Hungary.

Maestro Luis Cipriano
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Chorus which serves as a transition between the Children's Choir of Beira Interior and the Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior. Conducting program at 3 and 4 voices, with capella or with orchestra, usually participates in the first parts of the concert of the Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior. In their repertoire they have works of Casciolinni, Fauré, Luis Cipriano, Britten and others. Performed concerts in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Hungary. It was precisely in Hungary, which has won the Silver Medal in the 11 º International Budapest.
Youth Chorus of Beira Interior
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Chorus with around 25 children, aged between 6 and 10 years old. There essentially infant program, with participation on all CD´s in the series Zéthoven, although experience in the conduct of concerts with the Orchestra Strings and Symphony Orchestra. It is a choir whose primary objective is the training and the motivation for the choral music. They have regularly concerts in the 1st Cycle Schools, as well as in institutions of social solidarity. In 2004 held a Christmas Gala of the RTP1, participating in 10 television programmes annually, representing the Project Zéthoven.
Infant Chorus of Beira Interior


The Classical Orchestra of Beira Interior is an orchestra composed largely of young people around the country, who attend schools of music at both secondary and higher, and sometimes merged with professionals.

It is a non-permanent orchestra, which works by seasons with predefined programs.

It is also the opportunity for many young people have economic support in order to finance their studies, allied to the fact that contribute to the cultural development of the regions of the Interior.

Classical Orchestra of Beira Interior
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Class musical for children from 3 to 5 years. The motor and intellectual development is the priority of this class, without ever neglecting the artistic training.

Group formed by children from 10 to 14 years. They perform most of its concerts in the 1 st Cycle Schools.
Class of initiation to the theater. Activities performed with children from five years.
Class of Ballet and Creative Dance for children from 3 years. Apart from the technical and artistic aspect, the development of motrocidade a priority in this class

In partnership with the City Council of Pinhel and Sertã, Zéthoven Project is implemented in all schools from 1 st Cycle their Counties, thereby fulfilling the plan of musical disciplines extracurricular. Thus more than a thousand children, which every week have the opportunity to learn and to develop through this project are not the only component classes, since they all have the opportunity to participate in the recordings of CDs in the series Zéthoven thus and the involvement of concerts or television programmes. Abordado in a professional manner, the Project Zéthoven in its extracurricular seeks not only the training of children, but also the detection of musical values that pushes for Schools of Music or Conservatoires so that such capabilities are exploited.

In the form of extra, the Project Zéthoven applies to weekly in 14 schools of the 1 st cycle.

The Project Zéthoven is a cultural project which aims to grow the child as a human being through a partnership with the arts. So from the three-year-old children maintain regular contact with music, with dancing, with the theatre, finally, with a series of activities which enables them to the motor and intellectual development. The public presentation of these activities is always the desaguar of all the work, because the motivation of children is always greater when sees recognized the
Their effort and commitment. Since the hearings concerts, through the CD'se recordings of TV shows, the project Zéthoven despite being essentially a project training, leaves children with sufficient experience and knowledge so that they can go in the future by learning from any of arts practiced.


International Week of Music of Luxembourg

International Music Week in Luxembourg

Stage musical that takes place in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, the ACBI is a partner together with the UGDA (Luxembourg) AMI (Germany) and Ayuntamiento de Murcia (Spain).

They can participate in this stage, young people from across the European Community aged between 15 and 25 years.

During ten days in July, the SIM (Semaine International de Musique) allows music experience in the area of Orchestra, Chorus and the Chamber Music)
Request more information to sim.acbi@gmail.com


It will be the next day 1 March, the recording of the new CD in the Zéthoven called" Zéthoven and Friends

On the end-of-week, day 23 of February , recording the new CD in the Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior, dedicated to music Latin American.

The Cultural Association of Beira Interior promotes in the coming days 7 and March 9, two concerts, with the quartet "ArtZen.

The Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior, will start in August for another European tour.

Day on March 16, the Mixed Chorus of Beira Interior, will restore the work of Louis Cipriano, "Miserere," Mother Church of Fundão.

The ACBI this year starts to conduct various activities with the Board of Mação.

Phone: 275 322 151
Fax: 275 322 161

e-Mail Geral: geral.acbi@gmail.com
e-Mail Semana Internacional de Música do Luxemburgo: sim.acbi@gmail.com
e-Mail de Encomendas: encomendas.acbi@gmail.com

Adress: Rua da Indústria, edifício Sete Fontes 6200 Covilhã
Correspondence: Apartado 347-6200 Covilhã

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